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Nile Calacatta Exotic

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Nile Calacatta Exotic

Standard Slab Size – 3020mm x 1420mm
Jumbo Slab Size – 3220mm x 1620mm

A great choice of you’re seeking a subtle new worktop for your kitchen that’s guaranteed to appear elegant and refined across all settings, the Nile Calacatta Exotic quartz worktop is sure to satisfy your requirements. Featuring a sleek pale grey base topped with darker veining, the sleek design of this worktop will effortlessly complement a wide variety of interior styles and personal tastes. And as it’s suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms due to its heat and water-resistant structure, Nile Calacatta Exotic can be used to furnish multiple areas of your home. Carefully crafted using natural quartz bonded with first-rate pigments and resins, this worktop offers the highest possible quality and strength. Resistant to many forms of abrasion and general wear and tear, Nile Calacatta Exotic will become a truly reliable yet stylish new member of your home.