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811 Elvas

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Cimstone Elvas

Jumbo Slab Size 3200mm x 1600mm

Captivating yet simple, the Elvas quartz worktop offers the perfect balance of bold deep colour with minimalist style. Featuring a deep shade of grey as its base colour, this worktop has been topped with subtle black speckling with sparse hints of white to create interesting contrast. Sure to stand out yet subtle enough to never overwhelm your existing furnishings and surrounding interior décor, Elvas has been carefully created using only the best quality materials. Made using first-rate natural quartz combined with an array of specially selected pigments and resins, this worktop boasts remarkable durability you simply won’t find in wooden or plastic alternatives. Resistant to heat, fully waterproof and superbly resilient against general wear and tear, the longevity Elvas can provide is hugely impressive.