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Cambria Wentwood

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Cambria Wentwood

Jumbo Slab Size 3350mm x 1660mm

With varying hues of forest green, grey and white, the Cambria Wentwood quartz worktop is a great method of adding subtle colour to your kitchen or bathroom – without compromising on durability. Easily able to complement both warm and cool-toned interiors without overwhelming your existing furnishings, Cambria Wentwood offers a truly sleek surface guaranteed to stand the test of time. Inspired by nature and comprised of natural quartz, the structure of this worktop is second-to-none. Akin to all other worktops in our quartz collection, a specialist blend of quality pigments and resins have also been used to not only create this worktop’s stunning design but also enhance its tough structure. Guaranteed to stand the test of time and incredibly resilient to scratches, heat and water, Cambria Wentwood will become an integral member of your home furnishings.