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Cambria Torquay

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Cambria Torquay

Jumbo Slab Size 3360mm x 1660mm

The epitome of minimalist style certain to complement almost any personal taste and existing interior style, the Cambria Torquay quartz worktop is an unmistakably versatile option certain to shine within multiple sectors of your home. Suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens due to its sleek yet robust structure, Cambria Torquay can be used to create bespoke kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces and even windowsills due to its chic light-reflective nature. Better still, this worktop may appear soft and subtle but certainly doesn’t sacrifice quality and strength in the process. Its robust composition of 93% natural quartz blended with resins and pigments guarantees premium durability, resilience and hardiness against wear and tear. Certain to stand the test of time and remain looking stylish for many years, Cambria Torquay will make an asset to any home space.