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Cambria Roxwell

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Cambria Roxwell

Jumbo Slab Size 3360mm x 1660mm

Offering the perfect balance between a dynamic design and neutrality, the Cambria Roxwell quartz worktop will make a stunningly unique asset to any contemporary home. Featuring a grey-scale colour scheme certain to be neutral enough to complement a variety of existing interior styles, the mesmerising waved design seen throughout this entire worktop is sure to captivate and add instant modern style to your room of choice. Simultaneously compatible with both kitchens and bathrooms with ease, you can use Cambria Roxwell to furnish multiple areas within your home. And in addition to its gorgeous style, this worktop features a truly remarkable structure certain to stand the test of time. Made using 93% natural quartz alongside a bespoke blend of tough resins and pigments, the hardiness exhibited by Cambria Roxwell is very impressive. Resilient to damage and sure to maintain its sleek appearance indefinitely, this worktop will enhance your home with ease.