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Cambria Queen Anne

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Cambria Queen Anne

Jumbo Slab Size 3360mm x 1660mm

A truly versatile quartz worktop certain to complement a wide variety of personal tastes and interior décor styles, Cambria Queen Anne won’t disappoint. Featuring a universally pleasing grey base topped with subtle white zig-zag style lines, this worktop will instantly add class and elegance to your room of choice. Equally suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms due to its heat and water-resistant structure, Cambria Queen Anne has been specifically designed with longevity in mind. Made using 93% natural quartz carefully bonded with first-rate resins and pigments, this aesthetically pleasing worktop certainly doesn’t compromise on strength. Impressively resistant to scratches and many other forms of abrasion, Cambria Queen Anne is certain to maintain its smooth, sleek appearance on a long-term basis without incurring wear and tear.

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