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Cambria Langdon

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Cambria Langdon

Standard Slab Size 3070mm x 1410mm

Certain to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors with ease, the Cambria Langdon quartz worktop offers the perfect balance of style and practicality. Guaranteed to make a bold statement in your room of choice, this worktop can be used to satisfy a wide variety of functions. Whether you want to create unique windowsills within your home, unique bathroom vanity surfaces or classic kitchen worktops, Cambria Langdon is versatile enough to satisfy all. Completely waterproof and incredibly resilient against scratches, heat and other forms of wear and tear, this worktop will maintain its sleek appearance with ease provided appropriate care is given. Its innermost structure of 93% natural quartz bonded with premium pigments and resins is what provides its durable, long-lasting nature, giving you peace of mind you have a worktop certain to stand the test of time.