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Cambria Ella

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Cambria Ella

Jumbo Slab Size 3360mm x 1660mm

Minimalist and chic, the Cambria Ella quartz worktop is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a bright surface without settling for a fully plain design. Featuring a pure white base guaranteed to add instant brightness to any space, this worktop is topped with subtle expansive veining in a pale shade of grey. Certain to complement a vast array of existing furniture styles and colour schemes within your home, Cambria Ella will seamlessly blend in to many kitchens and bathrooms with ease. Better still, the robust structure of this worktop guarantees premium durability you’ll struggle to find in plastic or wooden alternatives. Comprised of 93% natural quartz bonded with specialist resins and pigments, the strength provided by Cambria Ella is simply outstanding. Able to resist many forms of damage and 100% waterproof, this worktop will serve your home for many years to come with appropriate care.