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Cambria Annicca

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Cambria Annicca Quartz

Jumbo Slab Size 3360mm x 1660mm

With its abstract zig-zag style design and crisp white base, the Cambria Annicca quartz worktop is a real triumph. Hugely versatile and specifically created to complement a wide array of interior styles and colour schemes within your home, this stylish worktop can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you’re seeking brand-new sleek kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces or even unique window sills, the Cambria Annicca quartz worktop will exceed your expectations. In addition to offering chic style, the composition of this worktop provides a simply outstanding structure certain to stand the test of time. Made using natural quartz (one of the toughest raw materials found on Earth) expertly blended with first-rate resins and pigments, the Cambria Annicca worktop is impressively resistant to scratches and other forms of abrasion.

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