Why You Should Choose A Professional Worktop Fitting Service?

The kitchen is easily the most used room in any home. Meals are prepared there, family members eat there and casual guests are welcomed there. It’s little wonder that the kitchen can begin to look a bit tired after a few years of continuous use.

If you’re thinking of refurbishing your kitchen, but don’t want the hassle, disruption, and cost of ripping everything out and starting from scratch, there is an easier way to give it a new lease of life. By engaging the services of a professional kitchen worktop fitter, you can add that extra ‘wow’ factor when others walk into the room.

We all know the most popular and cost-effective way to give a kitchen a new lease of life, is to keep the carcasses in situ and replace doors, drawer fronts, and worktops. But, we also want that wow factor, that makes our kitchen different from the neighbours. How do we get that?

Why Might Your Worktops Need Upgrading?

Kitchen worktops take abuse on a daily basis. Corners get chipped and edging strips peel. Pans get banged on them and hot plates stood on them. Foodstuffs may be cut on them without the using a chopping board, and hot liquids from tea and coffee to hot oil and boiling water may be spilt on them. It’s not surprising standard laminated worktops begin to deteriorate so quickly. For longevity, consider a genuine stone, marble, quartz or granite worktop. Certainly, it will cost a little more, but you will recoup that in looks, and a hard wearing worktop which will cope with the abuse for years to come.

How to choose a kitchen worktop fitter?

Don’t just choose a company that supply off the shelf stone worktops. Pick one that will work with you, and help you turn your standard kitchen into the dream kitchen you’ve always envisaged. Real stone worktops have to be cut specifically to suit each kitchen they are fitted in. Not only does the length, width and depth have to be measured, but any discrepancy in the back wall also has to be taken into account. Something you won’t get when buying off the shelf.

Once you have stripped your kitchen back to the carcasses, good kitchen service companies like Shaw Stone will visit your home to discuss your kitchen refurbishment plans, and measure up for your new stone worktops. They will produce a template, manufacture your worktop, and return to fit it.

Stone worktops come in a variety of shades and materials, marble, quartz, granite, etc.

Kitchen fittings and accessories

Most specialist stone worktop companies don’t supply the kitchen cupboards, cabinets, doors or fronts. Many though, like Shaw Stone, supply a comprehensive range of kitchen fittings you won’t find in the normal DIY superstores, as well as genuine stone flagstones to provide that farmhouse kitchen look. Quality splashbacks, sinks and taps, if they suit your needs, all help make your kitchen that little more unique. Take a hard look at your lighting. Will downlights, spotlights, or under-cabinet lighting, improve the overall ambience?

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, don’t just contact any old stone worktop supplier. Contact a professional kitchen worktop fitter, who will provide a worktop cut to exact specifications, and work with you to achieve that quality bespoke kitchen you’ve always wanted.