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Kitchen worktops are some of the most important areas in terms of functionality, hygiene and sheer beauty. This is why there are a host of options to choose from if you have recently remodelled the room or if you are simply looking for a change. Shaw Stone supplies a wide range of durable materials to choose from when nothing but the best will suffice. So, what do you need to take into account during the decision-making process? Is wood a viable option or are wooden worktops a bad idea? What are the best kitchen worktops and which materials will stand up to the test of time while providing your kitchen with a unique aesthetic personality? Let us take a bit of time to look at each of these questions in a bit more detail.

The Issues with Wooden Work Areas

We need to keep in mind that kitchen worktops are essential in terms of food preparation and washing. They will endure high levels of moisture as well as mechanical actions such as cutting and slicing. Although there is no doubt that wood boasts an organic sense of timeless beauty, the fact of the matter is that it can become easily damaged. Wood is also a porous material; a potential problem in regards to kitchen hygiene. It can, therefore, trap germs and bacteria while warping if water happens to penetrate. These are some of the reasons why the search term “wooden worktops bad idea” is often associated with food preparation in general.

What About Natural Stone?

What are the best kitchen worktops in terms of stone? The answer to this question will revolve around the type of material employed. While natural stone is an option, we need to keep in mind that much like wood, it tends to be somewhat porous. This can lead to issues such as pitting and staining if the surface is not sealed properly. Natural stone is also prone to scratches; a real issue if the area is used on a regular basis. It is therefore clear to see that even natural stone is subject to maintenance and upkeep issues. So, what alternatives are available and what problems can these surfaces solve?

What are the Best Kitchen Worktops? A Look at Quartz

It should come as no great surprise that quartz worktops are exceedingly popular. Not only is this due to the superior levels of kitchen hygiene that they provide, but quartz is available in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. It should likewise be mentioned that quartz is a much harder material than other stones such as marble. This is why it is capable of standing up to common wear and tear. Of course, it is necessary to seal these surfaces on a regular basis in order to protect their beauty and to enhance their overall longevity. This engineered stone can also be used in other areas of the home such as the bathroom due to its resistance to staining. The only possible drawbacks are that quartz is a relatively heavy stone and the installation process can be costly.

Granite Worktops

Granite is another stone commonly seen in the kitchen. Much like quartz, granite can be purchased in a wide variety of tones and grains. Let us also mention that the patterns found within a piece of granite are entirely unique to the particular stone. In other words, no two worktops are ever alike. Granite offers superior resistance to heat and thanks to its hard surface, it is quite easy to clean. However, we should keep in mind that (much like quartz) this stone is quite heavy and it can also be somewhat expensive if you happen to be o a budget.

Corian Worktops

If you are dealing with a limited amount of funds, a material known as Corian could represent your best option. Corian is produced by DuPont and it is comprised of a thick acrylic that can be moulded to meet nearly any dimensions impossible. It is also relatively lightweight and easy to install. Furthermore, Corian boasts a seamless beauty while being resistant to both heat and scratches. These surfaces can be engineered to reflect any colour or pattern imaginable and if cared for properly, they will last for decades at a time. The cost of Corian will depend upon the amount required as well as whether or not a custom-made shape needs to be created.

What are the best kitchen worktops for your modern requirements? This article has highlighted some of the main options at your disposal as well as listing the main benefits alongside the potential drawbacks of each material. If you wish to learn more about the range of options provided by Shaw Stone, please give us a call or message us through our online enquiry form here.