Mistakes To Avoide When Renovating Your Kitchen | Shaw Stone

7 tips on what to consider when choosing a kitchen

Kitchens are big investments. They are costly to install, and the renovation process brings dust, noise and upheaval temporarily into your home. So it’s important to get this major refurbishment right. It’s natural to focus on the finished result, on the dream kitchen that looks amazing. But to get to that point, there’s a lot to think about and many decisions to make. It can be overwhelming when you start looking at all the options available, but to help, these are the mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen.

1. Don’t get the layout wrong.

You know you want a kitchen island, and you can’t do without a fridge, dishwasher, sink, hob and oven but where do they all go? Not only do they need a place to fit but you must be able to open all the drawers and doors properly, and there are some safety regulations to incorporate too. There’s also the ‘flow’ to consider when planning a kitchen layout. Don’t underestimate the importance of flow. It’s about making the room easy to use, not clunky and awkward, and when you get it right it speeds up cooking and cleaning time.

2. Don’t skimp on worktops.

The space you have to prep and serve meals should be maximised. Having room to spread out when chopping and mixing makes everyday life much easier. It’s one of the most essential kitchen design mistakes to avoid. Before you make your final decision on worktops, consult a professional. They can help you get more counter space in your kitchen or change the shape of the design so it works better. Then there are the little things, such as the edges, the overhang and the finish, that you might’ve overlooked. Stone worktops look beautiful in all kitchens and they are extremely practical. The people at Shaw Stone offer advice on new kitchens and provide the best worktops to use.

3. Make sure there’s enough storage.

Third on the list of things to consider when choosing a kitchen is storage. Cupboard space comes in a whole host of widths and heights but you need to understand what’s available before you can choose it. A pull-out pantry, corner cabinets, island storage and wall cabinets are just some of the things to think about. Each extra cupboard you add to the design will indeed cost you more, but you don’t fit a new kitchen often. A little extra spent now will serve you well over the years.

4. Ventilation shouldn’t be forgotten.

A good ventilation system will clear away steam and odours quickly. There are a lot of extraction fans on the market, but some are better than others. A system that pulls the steam outside should be considered, rather than the ones that simply recycle the air through a filter. The work to install them is a little more involved, but the time to do it is when you’re having the room renovated.

5. Improve the kitchen lighting.

One of the mistakes to avoid when renovating your kitchen is not changing the lighting. If you’ve moved things around, the lights are probably not in the best place anymore. And if you haven’t upgraded things for years, it’s time to have more energy-saving lights put in. Think about shadows – as you stand at the sink would you be casting a shadow over what you are doing? It’s also important to have control over the lighting – you might not want all the spotlights coming on every time you flip the switch.

6. Power up.

The number of sockets required in a kitchen can quickly add up. Where to position them takes a bit of planning. The ones for the dishwasher and washing machine will need to be under the kitchen worktop. The sockets for the kettle, food mixer and blender should be along the top of the counter. If you have an island, you’ll probably want a few power points set into it, but there are more options here to consider. Do you want them to pop up in the middle, or should they be placed on a side panel? Hardwired appliances such as the oven or induction hob need a dedicated power supply. It’s a messy job to add sockets after the kitchen has been installed, so seek advice from the professionals to make sure you’ve thought of everything.

7. Don’t forget the rubbish.

The final kitchen design mistake to avoid is the bin. Not the most glamourous of fixtures, but highly important. Do you have a corner to tuck a separate bin, or do you have one incorporated into a cabinet when it can be shut away? Whatever you do, don’t miss it out of your dream kitchen design.

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