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Shaw Stone style guide: dark blue kitchen ideas – from worktops and splashbacks to appliances

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In this article, we will provide some inspiring dark blue kitchen ideas

The appeal of dark blue kitchen cabinets

Dark blue regularly tops the list of most popular kitchen colours. Whether you opt for rich petrol, navy or ink, dark blue kitchen cabinets are a strong and stylish choice. 

Dark blue is timeless and can be utilised whether your home and aesthetic is modern, contemporary or traditional. It is also a versatile shade for your kitchen – dark blue can be complemented with neutrals, brights or soft pastel tones depending on your preference. 

What colour worktop with navy kitchen cabinets?

Once a customer has decided that they want stone worktops, they will often ask us for advice on what colour worktop goes with navy kitchen cabinets:


A dark blue kitchen with white worktop will create a clean and streamlined finish – it will also reflect light in a smaller or darker room. 

Opting for a navy kitchen with marble worktop in a light tone will give your home a luxurious and sophisticated feel. Inky blue units and white marble is a classic combination – the pale worktop will work well by balancing the deep blue of your cabinetry. 



A navy kitchen with grey worktop is another option to consider. Combining dark blue units with a muted mid-light grey shade will create a slightly more rustic effect which can be enhanced with mid-toned wooden flooring for a Scandi-inspired kitchen. 



Pairing a dark blue kitchen with black worktops will create an intense and dramatic look in your space. For a modern kitchen, we love the sleek finish that black granite, marble or engineered stone worktops will add to your navy units.


What colour splashback with navy kitchen cabinets?

The beauty of choosing a navy kitchen with a marble worktop is that you can also match this with your splashbacks, for a streamlined and completely cohesive look.

Whatever the stone you’ve chosen for your countertops – marble, granite, quartz or a compact engineered product – we highly recommend pulling this through into your splashback to make more of a feature.

Scanning through interiors websites and magazines, we’ve noticed a move towards having a really generous deep splashback. Following the entire line of base cabinets – rather than only being behind a sink or hob – gives your stone the chance to pack even more of a style punch. A stone splashback also eliminates the need to complicate your scheme, by avoiding the need to add tiles into the mix.

Styling a dark blue kitchen – ideas and inspiration

From what colour appliances with navy kitchen units to choosing tiles, here are some ideas for accessorising your dark blue kitchen:

  • A dark blue and copper kitchen scheme

Ink blue looks great with warm metallic touches, from copper to rose gold. This can be added in hardware including taps, cupboard handles and light fixtures and fittings.

  • Pretty retro pastels

Vintage style pastel-coloured kitchen appliances look great with a navy kitchen. From toasters and kettles to retro fridges and coffee machines, a splash of blush pink, primrose yellow or mint green really pops in a dark blue kitchen. 

  • A dark blue kitchen with white marble worktop and gold accents 

The combination of dark blue units, white marble and gold tones – with brass taps and pendant lights – is a classic and luxurious look. Achieve a balanced scheme, as cool dark blue will be complemented by light worktops and accented by warm gold tones.

  • Add pattern and colour with tiles 

A dark blue kitchen can be lifted with the addition of coloured patterned tiles. Ca Pietra offers a range of stunning patterns, from Victorian-inspired Chelsea encaustic to exotic Moorish designs like Salisbury. We also love the striking geometric star patterns created by the Lily Pad design in Eucalyptus, Pistachio or Bubblegum. 

Still wondering what colour worktop with navy kitchen units?

As leading suppliers of luxury stone countertops, we will be more than happy to talk you through your options, if you need some dark blue kitchen ideas and inspiration. 

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