Top Five Tips For Designing A Hygienic Kitchen | Shaw Stone Ltd

Your Guide To Achieving A Luxuriously Hygienic Kitchen

At Shaw Stone Ltd we understand that you want your kitchen to look its best at all times. We’ve put together this guide on achieving the ultimate clean and luxurious kitchen and how best to get it to stand the test of time with our top five tips. 

1. Pick Materials That Are Easy To Clean

We understand that not everybody has a lot of time to invest in cleaning their kitchen, with work, family and other aspects of life taking priority. A kitchen that is simple to clean and won’t take up too much time doing so is ideal. For a sustainably hygienic kitchen, consider choosing materials that are easy to clean. Maybe you have a big family and mess is inevitable. If that’s the case, you don’t want a kitchen worktop that will stain easily and require you to spend days on end trying to get it clean until the next spillage. Quartz kitchen worktops are one of the most convenient surfaces to clean as you only really need warm water and soap. They are cleaned similarly to the way you would clean your dishes, with warm soapy water and a cloth.

2. Note Where Your Gaps Are

When considering the hygiene of your new kitchen, take note of any gaps. When kitchens are being designed, sometimes gaps can be overlooked. Bits of food or waste can slip through the gaps and then are difficult to clean because they are tight spaces. The little gaps can encourage debris and bacterial growth. If your kitchen is being designed, don’t forget to look out for the little spaces that you won’t be able to clean as easily and consider sealing them up or finding alternative ways to clean them. 

3. Don’t Forget Easy-Clean Flooring and Cabinets

It’s easy to prioritise your appliances and worktops, but things as simple as your flooring and your cabinets can make your kitchen become unhygienic very easily if the proper care is not taken. Consider the materials you are choosing when it comes to your kitchen flooring. Stone or wooden flooring is hard-wearing and low maintenance. You don’t want a material that can stain easily or a material that you will have to clean every time somebody comes into the kitchen. Ensure you are choosing simple, cleanable cabinets too. Ones that are easily wipeable and will not stain. Glass fronted cabinets are easy to clean, as you are essentially just cleaning glass.

4. Choose Durable Materials

As well as materials that are easy to clean, you may also wish to consider which materials that are long-lasting. Quartz kitchen worktops are exceptionally robust and hard-wearing, meaning they will stand the test of time. It’s also available in a range of colours and designs, so there will always be something to suit every home and aesthetic. The same can be said for granite kitchen worktops too. Granite is a practical material, given the fact that it is heat and scratch-resistant. Marks won’t be made as easily on a granite worktop as they would a wooden one. Granite worktops are an investment that will last a lifetime and enhance your kitchen in many ways. Let our experts help you design your dream kitchen. Learn more about the breathtaking custom granite worktops available at Shaw Stone here.

5. Consider Placement Of Appliances.

Consider where you are placing your appliances and your bins. If the distance between your appliances and your bins is too great, you run the risk of dropping your waste on the way to the bins. Really consider the placement of where everything will be in your kitchen as otherwise you could be causing unwanted kitchen hygiene issues and creating an unnecessary mess. You likely want your kitchen to follow a logical sequence of work so that in one area you are preparing, another cooking and another cleaning up so that these areas do not overlap. Storage is key when it comes to cleanliness, too. If you have multiple storage options, no matter how many appliances and dishes you have, they are less likely to just pile up on the side.

Plan Your Dream Kitchen With Shaw Stone

At Shaw Stone Ltd, we are passionate about providing high-quality custom stone kitchen worktops. On top of this, we are also able to supply you with floor and wall tiles that can enhance your kitchen. Our reliable team are experts at finding the right materials and designs for you. Whatever aesthetics you’re looking for, we’re able to find something to suit the appearance of your home and can tailor all of our solutions to your needs. If you are looking for low maintenance kitchen worktops, get in touch with a member of our team now. Call us today on 01329 844474.