5 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time For A Kitchen Redesign

Five Reasons Spring is the Ideal Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

There’s nothing like a good ole’ spring clean to lift your spirits. Many of us feel compelled to vacuum behind the sofa, dry-clean the curtains and wash down shelves as soon as warmer weather arrives. Decluttering and cleaning helps soothe our minds – we become more creative and less stressed when we have clear areas to work in. Spring is traditionally a time of rebirth and renewal, and as we slowly come out of semi-hibernation, we feel energised and ready to make changes. With all this newly found enthusiasm, it makes sense to start a kitchen redesign with the arrival of Spring. Here are 5 reasons to make the most of this time of year:

1) There’s more daylight to play with during Spring

At the beginning of April, the UK experiences 6.30 am sunrises and 7.30 pm sunsets. That gives us 13 hours of sunlight a day and that helps our productivity. In comparison, January provides only 8 hours of daylight from 8.00 am to 4 pm so it’s no wonder we struggle to motivate ourselves in winter. In spring we have time before and after work to plan, research and get excited about a new kitchen. We also feel more encouraged to start decluttering, packing and preparing for the work to begin.

2) Warmer weather helps with a smoother project

Renovating a kitchen is easier in spring when it’s a little warmer outside. Whether you are doing the work yourself or employing a team of professionals, the doors and windows of your property will be open for a lot of the time. Some items might need to be placed in the garden as work commences to allow sufficient space, and this is more tricky in winter. While your hob is out of order, springtime barbecues offer the perfect alternative for dinner. Or take a picnic to the park and get away from the disruption for a while.

3) New kitchen design ideas are revealed

As renovations in spring are always popular, magazines and shops hop on the bandwagon and bring out their articles and special offers at this time of the year. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to inspiration with all the latest trends and fashions featuring everywhere you look. It’s always nice to have up-to-the-minute design in your home, and that includes the worktops you go for too. Shaw Stone are ahead of the game when it comes to quality surfaces so check out their range for the perfect finish to your kitchen renovation. The worktops you choose can alter the way the entire space looks so choose carefully to make the most of your kitchen redesign.

4) It’s all done for summer

The best bit about having your kitchen redesign completed in spring is that it’s all over by summer. Get the messy work finished while the kids are still at school to make your life easier. With everything done and dusted, you can all enjoy the summer holidays to the fullest. And of course, those chilled-out weekends when you invite family and friends over will go smoothly with a brand new kitchen that’s clutter-free. It’s the ideal time to show off your new room and unveil all the improvements you’ve introduced.

5) There’s plenty of time before Christmas

The run-up to Christmas with all the planning and shopping required is a hectic time indeed. And then there’s the big day itself with hours of prepping the food and cooking the turkey. With your new kitchen fitted months ago in spring, you’ll have had plenty of time to get used to the new layout and appliances. Any snags will have been ironed out too so there’s nothing to spoil the festivities.

Plan the timing of your kitchen upgrade carefully to ease the stress of the inevitable upheaval. There’s a lot to consider, but with the help and guidance of experienced craftsmen such as the team at Shaw Stone, the results far outweigh a few short weeks of disruption.

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