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Create Unique Furniture from Stone Worktop Offcuts

Using a worktop offcut to create a special piece of furniture helps reduce waste. In a world where we all try to consume more responsibly, it makes sense to throw less away. That’s why Shaw Stone offers the leftover granite, quartz and marble from larger projects for sale. But what can you do with a worktop offcut? Let your imagination run free and make that piece of luxury bespoke furniture you’ve always wanted. Created especially for a certain spot in your home, it will be a stunning, one-of-a-kind item that you’ll always be proud of.

What Can You do with Natural Stone Offcuts?

Natural stone is extremely robust and can handle the knocks of a busy household. That makes it the ideal material for a hallway table – a surface just inside the front door where everyone can drop their keys, wallets, bags and phones. Why not make a table or shelf that fits the area perfectly instead of making do with an off-the-shelf item. Select a piece of stone that sets the style for your home and you’ll be inspired to build a fine side table that greets visitors at the door.

Granite or marble is ideal for garden furniture – it can be left out in the rain and only needs a quick wipe down to keep it clean. Use offcuts to make a side table for drinks, or for a small worktop next to the barbecue. If you’ve always wanted an outside kitchen, think about making your dream workspace using pieces of natural stone that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

Stone offcuts can be used effectively as window sills – in fact, they add a beautiful touch of luxury to bathrooms, cloakrooms and ensuites. Another use for left-over worktops is a vanity shelf. Basins installed to perch on the top of a shelf like a bowl are very popular at the moment. You don’t need much to create a stylish look like this – a piece of marble is exactly what’s required and if you opt for a worktop offcut, it’ll cost much less.

Stone and marble make beautiful fireplace hearths. The material doesn’t burn and is quite safe to use. Mantelpieces and fire surrounds can also be made from offcuts, all you need to do is measure the size you require and the guys at Shaw Stone will let you know what they have available to fit.

If you’re lacking counter space in the kitchen, an offcut could be used to make a custom-made butcher’s block. With four legs, castor wheels and a lovely piece of marble for the top you can add an extra chopping area to the room and it can be moved out of the way when not needed. Add a shelf or two lower down the legs and even a rail for hanging a tea towel on and you’ve made a luxury bespoke furniture item that you’ll use every single day.

For other ideas of what you can make using offcuts, think of slender, elegant plant stands with multiple shelves. Stood in the corner of a living room or dining area the stand would show off your prized plants to perfection.

coffee table in living room made off offcuts

Other uses for Stone Worktop Offcuts

A piece of stone with beautiful markings can be used in several ways around the home to stunning effect. A square, polished piece with rounded corners makes a great cheese board. Placed in the centre of the dining table at the end of a meal, it’s a lovely way to present the Camembert and Stilton. A rectangular offcut can be used as a worktop-saver if an area of your kitchen has a counter that is less hardwearing. Use the stone as the place to rest hot pans, for example, because natural stone is heat resistant and won’t mark.

Where Can I Get Worktop Offcuts?

Here at Shaw Stone, we love to create unique designs from our worktop offcuts. Depending on the shape and style of the worktops ordered, the remaining offcuts end up in a variety of sizes. We don’t want these high-quality pieces to go to waste, we’d rather they were used creatively. That’s why they are offered at a discount. The pieces that are available are like gems in the rough. You never really know what you’ll find, and once you’ve finished making an offcut into unique furniture for your home, it will be priceless.

Interested in a piece of unique offcut furniture? Get in touch with a member of our team today.