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How to create storage in a small kitchen

The kitchen is a busy room that needs to be practical and well planned to be useful. Storage is key to a great kitchen – lots of cupboards and shelf space so that everything can be put neatly away. With all the grocery items, cooking equipment and utensils stored properly in their rightful places, spending time in the kitchen is more enjoyable for everyone. If you have a large room, it’s not too difficult to provide a place for everything, but when space is limited, you need creative storage ideas for the kitchen.

Narrow pull-out larders

These modern storage solutions have been designed to make the most of narrow gaps in a small kitchen. They can hold a lot of tins, packets and jars in small spaces left between cupboards or appliances. The doors and trim come in a range of designs to match the rest of the kitchen units ensuring the larder blends in smartly. A full-height pull-out larder stands around 1.7 meters tall and has multiple shelves inside ideal for holding all your weekly groceries. There are under-counter height versions too that add 2 or 3 shelves into spaces as narrow as 15cm wide. If you look around your kitchen, there might be more than one place you could install these larders providing instant, much-needed storage.

A kitchen island adds storage

Even a small kitchen can have an island installed to add more storage. There are lots of different sizes available with options to have an island with cupboards, open shelves and hanging rails at either end. Choosing an island with castors offers flexible storage ideas for your kitchen. Wheel it next to you or move it into a corner and out of the way – you can use it differently every time depending on the chore you are completing. If you have an island custom made to fit a specific area in your kitchen, opt for a natural stone worktop such as the selection available at Shaw Stone. These tops will provide a beautiful additional work surface and are available to match the rest of your kitchen worktops for a beautifully coordinated look. For smaller islands, you could even get a cut-off piece of stone that is the perfect size.

Never too many shelves

If you need to create more storage space in a small kitchen, add lots of shelves. You can never have too many and they are simple to install. Look at the inside of your cupboards – could you squeeze another shelf into some of them? Additional shelves are usually available for kitchen units, you simply have to order them. Narrow shelves fitted on the inside of cupboard doors can be really useful for storing spices and condiments. Cleaning products or gadgets can be attached to the door of the under-sink unit too. Open shelving fixed onto the walls is perfect for storing jars, plates, cups and glasses. Look at all the wall space higher up as well, make use of areas above the fridge-freezer, over the doorway and above the window. Place items that you don’t use frequently up high and leave the lower shelves that are easier to reach for everyday items. Narrow shelves running across a window gives you added storage and privacy at the same time. Fill the shelves with glass containers and small plants so that some light still filters through. Check how the shelves look from the outside to make sure everything is visually pleasing from both aspects.

To create an elegant finish, use marble, granite or quartz for the shelves. They will look amazing, be long lasting and easy to clean. Here at Shaw Stone, we can make shelves of any size to match your kitchen worktops and can often make use of your worktop cut-offs. Using the same material throughout will provide a high-end finish.

Get hooked on hooks

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of hooks when looking to create more storage space in a kitchen. Large catering hooks hung from the ceiling provides a place for pots, pans and colanders. A set of hooks inside of cupboards are ideal for storing a dustpan, brush, shopping bags and cleaning cloths. Use the back of the main door for hanging tea cloths and aprons. Hooks on the end of an island or side of a kitchen unit can be used for a bag of onions, garlic and potatoes. A magnetic strip fitted near the hob is perfect for holding knives, ladles and spatulas. If you want to grow herbs, save the windowsill space and hang pots filled with plants instead. Once you start adding hooks to your kitchen, you’ll find more and more practical uses for them.

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