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Our Guide To A Low Maintenance Kitchen.

If you’re planning to restore or remodel your kitchen and want worktops that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, we can help, providing you with a worktop that enhances its surroundings whilst also not taking huge hits from daily life. We understand the importance of choosing the right worktop for your kitchen, with practical and easy to clean being a strong factor towards your decision. Kitchen worktops are bound to get mucky, as they are used for food preparation and washing dishes, so it’s in your best interest to choose something that is easy to clean. All of our kitchen worktop materials have different advantages, so how are you supposed to decide which to choose? In this article, we’ve put together some of our best options for those that require a clean and low maintenance kitchen.

The Best Worktops For A Low Maintenance Kitchen.

There are a range of stone options to consider when choosing a kitchen worktop. At Shaw Stone we have an extensive range of luxury kitchen worktops to offer that are both aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance. It’s okay for appearance to be a priority; your worktops are a centrepoint and need to complement the rest of your kitchen, such as your cabinets. You may even think that because you cook multiple meals every day that you have to prioritise a worktop that is easy to clean over one that you like the look of. However, we have worktops that can aesthetically enhance your kitchen whilst also being practical.

Consider A Quartz Kitchen Worktop.

For a low maintenance stone kitchen worktop, consider quartz. Quartz is easy to clean and not prone to daily wear and tear; it is extremely tough and hard-wearing. It’s exceptionally robust and will not give in to any impact or shock. Coming in a range of colourful and stylish options, this man made material is perfect for everyday cleaning. However, it is less heat resistant than granite.

Is A Granite Worktop The Right Option For My Kitchen?

Granite worktops are a stylish option, giving hints of luxury to the modern home. Our granite worktops provide a wow factor to any home but their appearance shouldn’t be the only factor that draws you in. It’s very low maintenance and easy to clean. It’s practical, being heat and scratch resistant, and incredibly hygienic. At Shaw Stone, we can not only offer advice on cleaning your granite worktop but also seal it with Dry-Treat Stain Proof™, for which we are Accredited Applicators. This offers a 15-year guarantee against staining and means no resealing will be needed in that time. The perfect option if you are looking for something both low maintenance and stylish. To read more about our highly popular granite worktops and our 15-year guarantee against staining, click here.

Why Choose Laminate Kitchen Worktops?

You might be drawn to laminate kitchen worktops because they’re a lot cheaper than other materials and seem more cost-effective. Laminate kitchen worktops are becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact they can be made to look like more expensive materials than they actually are. Although they may seem like a low maintenance option due to being scratch resistant, because they’re cheaper they are more prone to damage and can sometimes begin to peel.

Should I Avoid Wood For My Kitchen Worktop?

Aesthetically there are plenty of options you could consider when choosing a kitchen worktop. Wood looks outstanding in a kitchen that aims for a traditional vibe and with the right care they can look timeless but if you’re looking for a low maintenance option, wood might not be for you. Wooden worktops can easily stain and are prone to scratches which would require regular maintenance to keep them looking clean. All spills would need to be wiped up and taken care of immediately and chemicals can impact their appearance. With the right care, wood can age better with time.

The Right Worktop For You.

At Shaw Stone Ltd, we believe each situation is unique and that different kitchen worktops will be more suitable for different people and environments. Our expert team is on-hand to assist you in finding the right worktop for you and your kitchen. Whether you are looking for something modern or traditional, we have a range of options available. Our team is happy to discuss the benefits of each in greater detail should you require. The best way to clean your kitchen worktop varies based on material, so please call us on 01329 844 474 or email us today via for more information.