One of the more noticeable factors in these tough economic times is that rather than spending large amounts of money on a new car, or seeking to move up in the housing market by going out and purchasing a new home, families are now rather choosing to stay where they currently live. However, this doesn’t meant that they’re doing nothing; rather, they are investing in what they currently own and increasingly the value (and hence their own net worth) in smaller, more affordable steps.

One of the most obvious ways of doing this is to remodel the kitchen. This is something that pays twice – you get the kitchen you always wanted and you make a material investment in the future. This dual benefit is something that applies especially to a long lasting kitchen worktop; using top quality quartz or granite worktops means that you now have the cornerstone of a kitchen that will last and last, and is both easy to maintain and will not significantly depreciate, assuming proper care. When the housing market does finally rebound, and for whatever reason, the time does come to step up the property ladder, a fantastic kitchen will be a great selling point. Until that time, there are beautiful worktops of your own to enjoy.