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Inspiring uses of granite and quartz for retail and hospitality settings

Here at Shaw Stone, we supply and install a broad range of stylish luxury natural stone, including granite and quartz. 

In this article, we will provide some inspiring natural stone interior design ideas for commercial settings, focusing on hospitality and retail spaces… 

The benefits of natural stone for interior design in commercial spaces

Natural stone offers a number of appealing qualities which make it ideal for use in commercial settings, here are some of the key benefits:

  • Practical – natural stone is a hard-wearing and durable material. 
  • Aesthetic – stone provides an instant sense of quality and style that will elevate any space.
  • Versatile – natural stone is available in a range of colours, textures and surface finishes. You can opt for a product that is subtle and minimal or achieve a more dramatic outcome. 
  • Hygienic – as well as being waterproof, stain and scratch resistant, natural stone is also hygienic and easy to keep clean – an important consideration, especially in a hospitality setting.

Natural stone exudes sophistication and luxury – we recommend granite and quartz for a range of different commercial projects. 

As well as natural stone, we also supply and recommend quartz-engineered stone and ultra-compact sintered stone or porcelain – these options are also ideal for commercial interiors.

Four stylish uses of granite or quartz

Here are four inspiring uses of granite and quartz stone for interior design in commercial spaces – we’ve made some product recommendations, but you can have whatever suits your interior style: 

  • A sleek granite counter in a retail space

A substantial quartz or granite counter, display table or till area is a simple yet effective way to enhance a luxurious boutique setting. These stunning natural materials are a great investment. Timeless and stylish, natural stone will never fall out of favour. 

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, natural stone is also sturdy, practical and easy to keep clean – vital in a space that is in constant use by a high volume of customers. 

Our recommendations: Chic grey Aquabella Levantina quartz or Nile Vanaria Reale for statement cladding

  • Practical quartz counter and worktops in bars and restaurants 

Quartz and granite can be used in multiple applications throughout a bar or restaurant interior, from a granite counter surface to shelving and kitchen worktops. 

Once sealed, granite is non-porous, antibacterial and stain-resistant. This natural stone is cool to the touch, making it ideal for food preparation areas in commercial kitchens. 

Whether you opt for granite or quartz, it can also be used for table tops and continued into cloakroom facilities to achieve a fluid and cohesive interior scheme.

Our recommendations: Crisp Andromeda White granite or smoky Nile Fusion Blue 

  • Granite counter and vanity tops in opulent hotels

Granite and quartz are an ideal addition to a high-end hotel bathroom suite. These natural stones offer a touch of classic opulence, while providing the durability and ease of cleaning that a space like this demands.

If you picture a lavish hotel bathroom, what could be more indulgent than a feature bath, twin sinks and spacious walk-in shower, clad in stunning granite or quartz?

Our recommendations: Subtle Perla Venata quartz or bold Levantina Cheyenne granite 

  • Stylish granite countertops in spas and salons

Natural stone can also be used to great effect in a deluxe spa or salon environment. Whether in large format slabs or intricate mosaics, granite and quartz lend themselves to cladding, flooring, vanity tops and shelving. They also add instant glamour to steam rooms, whirlpool surrounds and plunge pool features.

Our recommendations: Nile Bianco Eclypsia Calacatta or dramatic Bloomstone Adamantium

Experts in the uses of granite and quartz in commercial interiors

As mentioned, granite and quartz offer style and elegance that is ideal for use in a variety of settings, from boutiques to hospitality settings. 

What’s more, the low maintenance and durability of natural stone means that it is a strong choice for high-traffic areas that are exposed to daily wear and tear.

We supply high-quality granite and quartz products for use in a range of commercial environments. To date, we’ve worked on multi-site fit-outs with the ever-popular high-street brands, Pizza Express and Pret. We’ve also worked with prestigious cruise ship companies, including Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. 

Our skilled team can template, create and install a completely bespoke solution for your space – from a simple quartz counter to extensive granite cladding. 

Leading suppliers of commercial  granite countertops and more 

We hope that we have provided some useful natural stone interior design inspiration. If you’d like to find out more about using granite or quartz for a commercial interior installation, please get in touch with our experienced team.

For all enquiries about our luxury stone products, please call us today on 01329 844 474. 

Alternatively, visit our Titchfield showroom and factory to view an extensive selection of granite and quartz, as well as porcelain and high quality engineered stone products. We look forward to hearing from you.