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If you enjoy spending your days in the garden and love cooking outside, investing in an outdoor kitchen will transform your summer. No matter what size garden you have, you can add a cooking and entertaining space that will make prepping and serving food a pleasure. Invite friends and family over and make a party of it. Entertaining in the garden in style will make sure summertime gatherings are extra special.

How to build an outdoor kitchen

Creating an easy-to-use cooking space outside will enhance al-fresco dining at home. It’s possible to construct something suitable for all budgets, it just takes a little planning. Before you start, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re thinking about how to design an outdoor kitchen.

1. Where to place your outdoor kitchen

The location of your new outdoor kitchen is important. It’s usually more convenient to build the space fairly close to the back door. This makes it easier to fetch and carry things from the house, and visits to the bathroom are less of a chore. The area needs to be flat so one side of the patio or deck is a popular choice. Select a position in the garden that offers more privacy from neighbours, and a spot that will inconvenience others as little as possible – think about the smoke or noise you will make. Also, as you plan how to create an outdoor kitchen, think about whether the chosen space is in the shade or direct sun at lunchtime or early evening, the chef might prefer a cooler location if they are going to spend a long time creating culinary masterpieces. That said, they may also prefer to be part of the action and not left in a place where they feel isolated from the party.

2. How to build a stone outdoor kitchen

You can construct a garden cooking area from a range of different materials. For something with a natural feel, a stone cooking area provides a rustic flair that would suit a country garden. How to build a stone outdoor kitchen? Use recycled or tumbled bricks, slate or a local stone for the structure to add character. Finish it off with a natural stone worktop in a colour that reflects the surrounding buildings. The result will be an inviting place for loved ones to gather and share a meal. If stone isn’t for you, a timber outdoor kitchen is one of the most commonly used materials – wood is easy to source and it can be cut to any length needed. Another option is stainless steel, it’s a robust material favoured by professional chefs the world over. Stainless steel catering shelves can be used to create the area, and some units even have drawers, doors and hanging hooks. Of course, you can also choose a combination of stone, stainless steel and timber – the design ideas are almost limitless.

3. How to make an outdoor kitchen island

If you want to add a centre-piece to your al-fresco kitchen, an island could be the perfect answer. Islands provide extra workspace, a seating area with bar stools and a natural gathering place for guests. When it comes to how to make an outdoor kitchen island, you can opt for a wooden base with a stone top, a brick-built structure with a timber top or a complete concrete island that will stand up to the harshest of weather. The island can be as large or small as the available space allows and can incorporate cupboard space for storing cooking utensils.

4. What outdoor appliances to add to an outdoor kitchen

When it comes to equipping your outside kitchen, there are lots of exciting things to choose between. Wood-fired pizza ovens are becoming very popular and are great fun if you like entertaining – guests can pick their toppings and help prep their own food. Gas grills and traditional charcoal barbecues come in all kinds of sizes and designs so pick the ideal model for your needs. Tandoor ovens can be purchased and smokers too if you enjoy experimenting. Outdoor sinks will give you a water supply and a washing-up facility and there are fridges, ice makers and wine coolers available if you want them as well.

5. Selecting the best worktop

A generous worktop will make all the difference to an outdoor kitchen offering room to chop, slice and serve in comfort. Choose the worktop material wisely when you are planning how to create an outdoor kitchen because it will be exposed to the elements all year round. Natural stone, granite and quartz worktops such as the range supplied by Shaw Stone are perfect – they will lend your barbecue area a luxurious finish and serve you well for many years.

6. How to build an outdoor kitchen roof

Building a roof or overhead covering will extend the use of your outdoor kitchen by providing protection from the rain. A structure made of timber, corrugated tin or brick can be made depending on the style you’re after. To ensure the construction is safe from fire make sure that any smoke or heat can escape freely. When deciding how to design an outdoor kitchen, look at the different flues and chimneys on offer – some are very stylish and will add drama to your outside space.

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