A New Kitchen Worktop Is A Big Decision

Kitchens can represent the very heart of a home. Choosing the best kitchen work surfaces is therefore a very understandable concern. These will help to add a sense of beauty into the room and let’s not forget that they are also very functional elements. When high quality materials are selected, these worktops can last for decades at a time with few maintenance concerns. Selecting new kitchen worktops is a priority if you are looking to achieve a new look within your home. What are some top suggestions to consider?


This is the most obvious concern, so the cost of a worktop should be taken into account from the very beginning. It is important to view this concept from a long-term perspective. Stone and composite materials are some of the best kitchen work surfaces – due in large part to their longevity. Here at Shaw Stone, we can offer a wide variety of long lasting materials for our kitchen worktops. This longevity will often counteract the initial installation fees. There are also instances when modern materials such as quartz engineered stone can represent excellent alternatives if you happen to be on a strict budget.

Colour and Grain

One of the major advantages associated with new kitchen worktops is that they are available in a wide variety of colours.and grains. In this sense, the grain is defined as the patterns contained within the stone or composite surface. Grains will add a sense of depth to the piece while providing a rather traditional appeal. The tones associated with different grains prove to be excellent accents and each piece is entirely unique.

In terms of colour, there are few limitations. Some of your options include:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • White
  • Grey
  • Mahogany
  • Brown

Many worktops will offer a unique combination of two or more hues; ideal when trying to match other surfaces such as tiles or floors.

Installation Times

There is another issue to address when choosing the best kitchen work surfaces – installation times. Most providers will base the design off of a template that is specifically created for each customer. This bespoke service ensures that these new worktops will be perfectly fitted to the design you require. Each worktop is also fitted with precision by trained professionals, so they can be easily integrated in no time at all. However, please note that heavier materials will take slightly longer to install and although we work hard to adhere to each customer’s needs, if you’re on a much tighter deadline then it will be worth ensuring you plan ahead to ensure deadlines can be met reasonably.

Choosing the Finish

The finish of a kitchen worktop will truly bring its features to life. Finishes are also able to accentuate the grain contained within the material. There are different grades available and most recommend that it is best to choose a high-gloss surface. This arises from the fact that cleaning is much easier and that liquids are less likely to be absorbed into the pores. Also, glossy surfaces are hygienic; helping to prevent the presence of bacteria. Maintenance times are likewise dramatically reduced

Keeping An Open Mind

It is always prudent to take a look at a number of different samples before committing to a specific worktop. This will provide you with a broad understanding of the options at your disposal. After all, the last thing you desire is to pay for an entire project only to realise that the colour or grain does not match your preferences. The new kitchen worktops fitted by Shaw Stone are associated with high-quality materials and they are able to transform the appearance of an entire room. Contact us for a quotation and to find out more!