How To Prepare For Granite Worktop Installation | Shaw Stone

Known for their durability, functionality, and sheer beauty, granite counters and workstations will add a truly elegant touch to any room. However, the installation process can be a bit more involved when compared to other materials such as laminate due to the sheer weight of this stone. This is why preparation well in advance is key. Let’s take a look at how to prepare for granite worktop installation as well as some practical concerns to address. You can then rest assured in the knowledge that your kitchen will be provided with a robust and practical element that will last for years into the future.

The Initial Process of Creating a Template

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The experts at Shaw Stone will first visit your property in order to take exact measurements of the area in question. These will then be used to create a unique design pattern. Not only does this pattern take into account the existing counter configuration, but it can also be modified based around the requirements of the customer. In other words, no two designs are ever alike. This will add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Fabricating the Counter to Meet Demanding Dimensions

The next step involves physically fabricating the granite surface based off of the measurements mentioned in the previous paragraph. Thanks to modern technology and immense computing power, a digital template will be created. The stone is then cut in accordance with this template. Other concerns such as corners and the presence of taps are also taken into account during this process. The end result is a worktop that is perfectly suitable for your kitchen.

The Installation Process Itself

Installing granite worktops on existing cabinets can be a bit tricky; particularly due to their weight. This is why such an undertaking rarely represents a do-it-yourself project. The stone will need to be handled in such a way as to prevent it from breaking and undergoing unnatural levels of physical stress. This is also why properly manipulating granite counters requires a good deal of experience.

Our team of experts will first place the countertop over the cabinets to make certain that everything fits in place. In the event that the slabs are sectional, they will be fitted in the correct position so that all seams join tightly. A level is also used to ensure that the granite is perfectly parallel to the floor. This process can take a bit of time and yet, it is absolutely essential to guarantee that no future adjustments will be needed.

Safety and Stability Concerns

We should now point out that the weight of this stone may require additional support structures to ensure that no damage occurs to the underlying cabinets. Reinforcing cabinets for granite worktops is, therefore, an important part of the entire process.

In some instances, the professionals at Shaw Stone will need to install plywood around the periphery of the cabinets. This is done so that more structural support is present; helping to evenly distribute the weight of the granite worktop.

Examining the legs of the cabinets is just as important, as the weight of the slab will be translated directly through these sections. If they are not entirely secure, there is a risk that one or more will buckle when the granite is placed on top. So, technicians, therefore, intend to make absolutely certain that no structural imperfections are present. Please note that an inspection will likely be carried out during the initial consultation as well as on the day of the installation itself.

There are likewise several steps which customers can take to ensure that the installation is completed within a timely fashion. First and foremost, be sure to clear away any nearby furniture or accessories that might otherwise impede the workers. As more than one individual will be needed to lift the stone into place, make certain that there is plenty of room. You should likewise take into account the path between the entrance of your home and the kitchen. Remove all objects that might get in the way when the workers are handling the countertop. This helps to guarantee that no accidents will take place.

The End Result: A Durable Sense of Perfection

Knowing how to prepare for granite worktop installation is key if you hope to avoid any issues. Shaw Stone has been providing such bespoke services since 2002 and we currently install well over 250 of these workstations every year. You are therefore in good hands when working with our team of highly trained experts. Still, a bit of preparation is always important. If you would like to discover your options or to schedule an in-depth consultation at your convenience, please contact a specialist. The kitchen of your dreams could very well be only moments away.