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Cleaning tips for stone and acrylic worktops

We understand that installing quality kitchen worktops is a decision made to invest in your home and your lifestyle. By following some simple care and cleaning tips, you can keep your worktops as stunning and sparkling as the day they arrived.

If you are considering how to extend the lifespan of your granite, quartz, sintered stone or acrylic worktops, our knowledgeable team is available to provide specialist advice. 

At Shaw Stone, we have over 20 years of experience in the Luxury Stone Industry. We have developed a wealth of knowledge about what makes a quality countertop. 

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Caring for Granite Worktops

Granite is known for being hardwearing and practical. Proper care can ensure the quality of your granite lasts.

Granite worktops must be sealed to confirm continued protection against staining. Some providers will use a sealant that has to be replaced every 6-12 months. At Shaw Stone, we offer a longer-lasting option. We are an Accredited Applicator of Dry-Treat Stain Proof sealant. This industry-leading service offers a 15-year guarantee. No resealing will be needed within that time, meaning you can enjoy your new granite countertops without concerns about resealing.

You can use your new granite surface 24 hours after fitting. However, the sealant takes 7-10 days to cure, so be extra careful not to spill anything during this time. 

Daily care will make a massive difference to the longevity of your granite countertops. Following our simple guidance will ensure the durability of surfaces throughout regular meal preparation.

To reduce the risk of stains, immediately wipe spillages using a soft cloth. Use warm, soapy water or specialist granite cleaning products when cleaning your granite surface. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners will damage the granite and may revoke your 15-year sealant warranty. You can purchase specialist cleaning products from our online product shop. 

Avoid leaving anything acidic on your granite worktop, such as red wine or lemon juice. Acidic substances can affect the finish of the granite, harming the sealant and resulting in a dull spot on your worktop. 

A quick way to protect your granite surface is to use mats, trivets and chopping boards to protect the surface when cooking with hot pans or chopping ingredients. Mats and chopping boards are easy to match with your aesthetic and can add character to your kitchen while simultaneously protecting your granite.  

Caring for Quartz Worktops

Quartzis a stylish and robust choice for your kitchen countertops. Many of the simple tips to care for granite also apply to caring for quartz worktops.

Invest in protective mats, trivets and chopping boards to ensure protection whilst cooking meals. Wipe spillages immediately with a soft cloth. Use warm, soapy water or specialist cleaners only, as abrasive cleaners may damage the stone. 


Our online product shop is the ideal place to buy the products you need to clean quartz without damaging your surface top. We offer trusted products, including a quartz cleaning kit and Nettex hard surface cleaner. 

If you’d like to discuss sealing your quartz, please get in touch. In addition to being expert installers of Quartz worktops, we offer specialist sealing and guidance on care. 

Caring for Sintered Stone Worktops

Sintered Stone surfaces are a durable, beautiful and affordable option for homeowners upgrading their kitchen. Looking after sintered stone surfaces will ensure the longevity of your investment. For added protection, we can seal your sintered stone worktops. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about this option.

Soft cloths are the best choice for cleaning sintered stone as they prevent scratching. Wipe any spillages as soon as possible. Using warm, soapy water for cleaning purposes is an affordable and effective way to keep the surface sparkling clean. Alternatively, you can use specifically designed sintered stone cleaning products. Be aware that cleaning products with colouring may result in staining the stone. 

Using protective mats for hot pans will prevent marking your new surface. We also recommend using chopping boards whilst cooking to reduce scratching. 

Caring for Acrylic Worktops

Acrylic worktops are famously low maintenance and are a popular choice for commercial buildings such as offices, retail outlets and schools. However, it is also an excellent option for home use if you are seeking unbeatable value for money.

We stock Hanex brand solid surfaces. Hanex has a reputation for being affordable and durable. Browse our wide range of available colourways here. 

You can clean Hanex surfaces using a wider range of products than stone surfaces. However, it is still recommended to opt for low-ammonia products. Avoid acidic or alkaline cleaners such as vinegar or bleach to keep your surface in the best condition. Eco-friendly branded products are usually less abrasive, so eco-brands are an affordable alternative worth considering. 

Soft cloths are always a better option than scouring pads for all kitchen surfaces, including acrylic.

Ask the Experts

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Shaw Stone can also take care of fitting your worktops.  We have extensive experience, fitting over 250 granite kitchen worktops every year. 

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