Picking A Worktop Colour

Picking a granite colour can be very tricky because there’s just so much to choose from. Most people tend to go for black or very dark worktops but granite can come in a variety of looks including sandy browns, deep blues or even striking greens.

Here are some of the most popular granite colours available.

Premium Jet Black

A popular and simple choice is Premium Jet Black. This colour takes the fuss of having to decide on a worktop design – it’s plain, simple and looks beautifully glossy under your kitchen light. If you’re planning to have a very modern kitchen and use striking, bright colours elsewhere in the room, then Jet Black should do a nice job of keeping your design looking crisp and balanced.

Labrador Black

If you’re wanting to follow the crowd but don’t want something as plain a Premium Jet Black, you might want to consider opting for Labrador Black. It is almost just as dark but the subtle white and grey flecks add a bit of interest and texture to the granite. Remember that if you go for a very dark colour such as this, stains (such as tea or coffee rings) and dust will show up on dark surfaces. So if you’re a messy cook or have a busy kitchen, darker granite options might not be for you.

Star Galaxy

This colour is very popular and can look great in monochrome colour schemes or modern kitchens. Star Galaxy looks just how it sounds it should look; it reminds you of looking up at the stars on a clear night. It’s jet black in colour with specks of granite that seem to sparkle in the light. Perfect for your inner astronomer.

Nero Impala

If you want your base colour to remain black but want a pattern that’s a bit more interesting and noticeable – Nero Impala is a good choice to make. This black granite is swirled with dark green and specks of grey to create an intriguing pattern that is sure to catch the eye of your guests.

Coffee Brown

Another popular colour variation to go for is brown and Coffee Brown is a good dark brown worktop colour. Although it is fairly dark, it also has tinges of coppery orange it – reminiscent of leaves at the end of the autumn season. This colour would look great on a worktop in a more traditional style kitchen.

Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown is one of the more unique looking brown granites, as it features circles of varying sizes in different shades of brown – from red-orange to much paler browns. The circles almost seem to look as if they have a wooden effect, so this worktop pattern could look great alongside dark wooden cabinets.

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl may seem like one of the more unusual choices but it can look particularly good in bathrooms if you’re planning to have granite worktops. This colour features a variation of shades of blue, from very dark shades to very light blues that shimmer in the light.

It’s worth remembering that whatever granite colour you pick should compliment the rest of your room. Think about what the main colour is going to be and then try to choose a granite that is either slightly lighter or slightly darker than that colour. Typically, kitchens only have around four to five different colours featured in them; so keep it simple. Make sure you always go to see the granite in person, as pictures often don’t do the colours and patterns justice.