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Is granite good for kitchen worktops and counters? This is a common question and it deserves a clear answer. Granite offers many unique benefits that are simply not possible with other types of stone surfaces. One-of-a-kind grain patterns, a kaleidoscope of tones to select and a second-to-none level of durability are some of the main benefits. Let’s look at some other advantages before moving on to examine a handful of professional tips to follow when making an informed decision on whether a replacement granite worktop is right for you.

Enjoying the Durable Edge

Longevity and the ability to stand up to a significant amount of wear and tear are always concerns within the kitchen. Replacement granite worktops are less porous than other materials such as marble, so they is less likely to scratch or to be affected by high levels of heat. When treated with the proper surface sealant, the tone and lustre of this ageless stone can last for decades at a time with only a minimal amount of maintenance.

All About Coordination

One of the ways to add a touch of class to your kitchen is to choose a colour that works in synergy with nearby accessories. This is particularly the case in regards to upper and lower cabinets, as they tend to exist very close to the granite worktop in question. While it might not be possible to achieve an exact match, two complementary hues will work well with one another and they will often provide an extra sense of depth to the environment.

Light or Dark Tones?

The tone of the granite will obviously play an important role. Work surfaces with lighter hues will provide the illusion of space; ideal solutions if space happens to be at a premium within your kitchen. On the contrary, darker shades such as grey and black can imbue an organic boldness into the room. These also work quite well when contrasted with lighter cabinetry and crown mouldings. If you are looking to make more of a dramatic statement, darker shades are worthwhile considering.


What About More Intense Colour Schemes?

Not only is granite enduring and robust, but it is available in a surprisingly wide array of colours and grains. Some unique options include (but are not limited to):

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

While personal preferences should always be taken into account, there are still some basic rules to keep in mind when selecting which replacement granite worktop will suit you and your home best. Blue tends to be a soothing and relaxing tone; ideal for nearly any solution. The numerous shades within the surface also add a three-dimensional sense to the environment.

Red granite offers a rich and warm feeling; a great alternative if the existing space has felt slightly cold or overly “sanitary” in the past. It is also said that red can add a sense of vitality to the space.

Green is said to work well with traditional kitchens such as those associated with a significant amount of woodwork. Muted green is also one of the most universal tones and it could be great if you hope to achieve a unique and yet visually palatable sense of beauty.

More Than Kitchens Alone

Is granite good for kitchen worktops? It is one of the best options. Still, let’s remember that this stone can also be used for backsplashes, window sills and within bathrooms. There are virtually no limits to the choices at your disposal. So when you choose a replacement granite worktop, you are able to seamlessly tie it in with the rest of your kitchen, providing a high-quality finish.

Why Choose ShawStone’s Worktop Replacement Services?

When you choose us, you will be supplied with only premium quality replacement granite worktops as well a worktop replacement service that is second to none. This is thanks to our passionate and knowledgeable staff who are able to offer in-depth advice and guidance specific to each individual customer.

If you would like to obtain further advice or to appreciate the granite options available, or find out more about our worktop replacement services, please take a few moments to contact Shaw Stone Limited. You will be amazed with the results!