Building An Outdoor Kitchen | Outside Kitchen Designs

Summer is a season associated with barbecues, parties and similar outdoor events. Those who are contemplating building an outdoor kitchen are often curious to know why the use of natural stone is such a popular option. Why should you consider employing this material and what major advantages can you expect to enjoy?

Outside Kitchen Designs & Ideas

One of the primary issues associated with any outdoor kitchen is the impact that the environment will have over time. Temperature variations, exposure to sunlight, and changing humidity levels can wreak havoc on other materials such as wood and even certain types of PVC. However, this is not the case with stone. Many outdoor barbecue kitchen designs will involve the use of materials such as granite  in order to achieve an undeniable balance between durability and visual appeal. The same cannot always be said for more generic options. Such longevity is also a great way to save money in terms of maintenance requirements.

Easy to Clean and a Hassle-Free Solution

Caring for areas such as an outdoor kitchen table can sometimes be challenging. However, this is hardly the case when working with natural stone. The practicality of this substance ensures that common problems such as moisture and mould will not present any issues. All surfaces can be quickly wiped down and thanks to the use of sealant, the bespoke beauty of stone can be locked in place for decades. Those who have been looking for a low-maintenance solution when building an outdoor eating area will be undeniably impressed with this material.

A Nearly Limitless Number of Designs and Patterns to Select

Aesthetic beauty and coordination are important concerns throughout the home. This very same principle is applicable when building an outdoor kitchen. Owners will be happy to learn that there are a massive number of hues, patterns, and colours to choose from. This will depend upon personal preferences as well as the material in question. Some common examples include:

  • Angola Black
  • Azul Platino
  • Balmoral Red
  • Baltic Brown
  • Violetta
  • Verde Marinase

It is therefore quite simple to match an outdoor kitchen table with nearby surfaces such as patios, stone walkways, and the exterior walls of a home.

Adding Value to a Property

Natural stone is built to last and it represents a very attractive option to potential buyers in the future. While this might not apply to every homeowner, it is nonetheless important to realise that the inclusion of stone within outdoor kitchen barbecue designs will increase the overall value of your property. So, the return on investment is undeniable.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Although artificial materials such as plastic and PVC might represent cheaper solutions, it is a little-known fact that they could actually harm the environment over time. This arises from the chemicals contained within their formulations. When exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, such chemicals can be released into the atmosphere; contributing to the production of greenhouse gases. This is hardly the case with granite, as these rocks have existed for millions of years and they are perfectly suitable within your outdoor patio or garden.

It is also possible to customise outdoor barbecue kitchen designs to your unique tastes. Adding a bit of much-needed personality is much easier than you may have thought possible. In order to fully appreciate your options, we encourage you to contact Shaw Stone Limited. Why not fully embrace the warmer months of the year with the natural allure of stone?