Alternative Uses Of Granite Worktops | Shaw Stone

Natural stone has always been one of the principal building materials. It offers strength, durability, and looks amazing. No two pieces of stone are the same, and this is especially true of granite. It comes from the Latin word for grain, which refers to its coarse-grained structure. It is one of the most common stones, yet it is incredibly unique. The interlocking crystals in granite create a hard, tough material. And the variety of patterns you can find is breathtaking.

At Shaw Stone Ltd, we treat every piece of granite as a work of art waiting to happen. You just need to unleash your imagination. Granite uses in your home are endless, and give an impression of quality and elegance. Here are some of our favourite uses of granite.

Come Out of the Kitchen

It goes without saying that one of the most common uses of granite is in the kitchen. And rightly so. Nothing makes a kitchen look more elegant than a beautiful granite worktop. And a bespoke granite island as the centerpiece of the kitchen is a dream of many people. And then we have granite backsplashes and window sills to work with. Granite is truly a beautiful material to use in your kitchen. And with the offcuts, you can make cutting boards and saucepan rests. But the kitchen is only one area of your house. There are many more uses of granite that you may not have considered.

In the Bathroom

Outside of the kitchen, the next most common area to use granite is in the bathroom. It is a perfect material choice for bath surrounds and bathroom vanity tops. A bathroom is a place meant for relaxation. It’s a place where you can lock the door and grab some quiet time. A luxurious bathroom will make you feel incredible every time you step inside. And not only are granite vanity tops elegant, but they are also very practical. Water will not damage or stain the surface, since granite is non-porous. And this in turn protects your other surfaces in the bathroom. No more discoloured wood or peeling laminate problems.

In the Dining Room

When we think of granite, we imagine a bespoke piece of furniture taking center stage in a room. And that’s exactly what a granite dining table or coffee table can bring. The natural look of granite makes any table a thing of beauty. But as a centerpiece in your living room or dining room, it offers a wonderful aesthetic. The simplicity of the design will allow you to keep the rest of the room simple and use basic colors. This will give you a look of elegance and style befitting of a palace. And with its heat-resistant properties, you get a practical table too.

In the Study or Bedroom

And a table does not have to be confined to a living room. The natural look that granite brings to a room makes it an ideal material for other places too. Imagine a stylish granite desk in your study or bedroom. How nice would it feel to work on a luxurious granite surface? And you can even repurpose existing furniture with a granite table top. Maybe with the offcuts, you would get a beautiful paperweight or even a set of bookends. Or maybe add some shelves to complete the granite theme. Many art pieces are made of granite, so why not make your desk become a work of art.

In the Garden

You can also add a touch of elegance to a patio or garden. Granite is a great choice for an outdoor countertop. And if you care for your stone furniture, it will last you a lifetime. Or simply add a granite table to make the whole area more inviting. We offer a wide range of bespoke tables. Our custom-made tables can fit into your home perfectly, or we can repurpose your existing furniture. Regardless of your needs, we can craft the ideal table for you. Our experts can help you design your dream furniture. You are only limited by your imagination.

Use Your Imagination

At Shaw Stone Ltd we are passionate about providing high-quality custom stone furniture tailored to your needs. Granite is an investment that will last you a lifetime. So take the time to speak with an expert and work out your dream furniture or worktop. Our custom-made stone furniture has obvious aesthetic benefits. But we also use premium quality materials as we want you to enjoy your furniture forever. So talk with an expert today and figure out alternative ways to make your home more elegant with granite. Let your imagination guide you.