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Once you’ve carefully designed and planned your new kitchen, the next step will be to undergo the kitchen worktop installation process. Depending on what your renovation entails, old units will firstly be removed and new cabinets will be fitted, along with appliances, plumbing and lighting.

One of the most important components in a new kitchen is the worktop. Often covering a large surface area, most kitchen worktops are a dominant feature in the home, creating a noticeable visual impact on a space. If you get this part wrong, it’s likely that the aesthetic of the whole room will be affected. Making sure your kitchen worktop installation goes to plan will guarantee the finished product perfectly matches your expectations. If you’re not sure how to begin preparing for worktop installation, we’ve put together a concise kitchen renovation guide full of handy tips and tricks.

The Templating Process

The first step to preparing for a kitchen worktop installation is to allow a professional to visit your property and inspect where your new worktop will go, along with how you want it to look. They will want to know where the sink is to be positioned, and the hob if you’re having one. Careful measurements are taken, and the positions of joints will be noted if required. The template of a kitchen worktop is the key to ensuring everything fits correctly. Details required for the template should be carefully collected by the supplier in person.

Here at ShawStone, we are equipped with all of the latest technology. This allows us to create accurate, detailed digital templates. Equipment of this kind costs in excess of £20,0000, offering a superior quality that non-professionals simply cannot achieve. At this stage of your kitchen worktop installation, you can, if desired, request a backsplash and point out where it is to be fitted along the wall. Creating a top-quality bespoke worktop requires an expert supplier, that’s where we come in.

At ShawStone, we have years of experience when it comes to fitting luxury worktops. We’ll double-check the type, colour, and finishes of the product you have chosen to make sure every detail is correct, never leaving a stone unturned.

Preparing For Worktop Installation

When preparing for worktop installation, it’s important to ensure that all of your new cabinets and units are already completely installed. Double-check that the base units are perfectly level, otherwise, the worktop will be unbalanced. This is a small detail, however, it can make a huge difference to the completed kitchen. All of the electric and gas changes must have taken place, while drainage and some elements of the plumbing should be in situ. The sink and taps should not be fully installed, but it is useful to have them close to hand so the installers can see the sizes, shapes and styles that are being used.

Clear Some Space

If you’re planning to keep your original kitchen units, it’s essential to remove all contents the day before the kitchen worktop installation team arrives. We recommend emptying each of the cabinets so the workmen can easily get underneath every part of the new worktop should they need to. Clear all of the surfaces in the room too, even if the area isn’t in the vicinity of the new worktop. Having as much space available as possible will speed up the kitchen worktop installation process, preventing accidental damage. The installers are also likely to create an element of dust, so packing things away will ensure that your items remain clean.

Next, clear the access way into your kitchen. If halls are clutter-free, manoeuvring large worktops is a much simpler process. Remember, components are often long and very heavy, so make sure the front and back doors can be fully opened for safe manoeuvring around your property.

It’s also important to consider how you’re going to protect your floors in the kitchen and hallway. Prevent hardwood or tiles from getting marked during the kitchen worktop installation process by applying a slip-resistant covering. Sheets laid out on a slippery tiled surface might prove to be a hazard. Ensuring your covering is slip-resistant is crucial to preventing accidents. A professional team will always provide their own floor coverings, however, it might help to put your mind at ease if you have taken steps in advance.

Get Ready the Day Before

Allow yourself plenty of time when preparing for worktop installation. Emptying cupboards and packing belongings away often takes a little longer than you might think. Having everything ready will help the kitchen worktop installation process run smoothly and quickly, removing any stress you may be feeling.

We hope you’ve found this kitchen renovation guide helpful. If you’d like to find out more about the kitchen worktop installation process or wish to see the materials we have available, get in touch to arrange a visit to our showroom. Call us on 01329 844474 and speak to one of our friendly, experienced team members today. Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.