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Quartz in its many forms has been revered for centuries, known for its energy-boosting and healing properties. As a strong and beautiful material, it seemed only natural that we’d want to bring it into the home. We’ve continued that tradition at Shaw Stone, creating beautiful kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops and other products to your exact specifications.











Luna Stone


Strength in beauty

Our range of quartz engineered stone comprises natural quartz, bonded with special polyester resins to produce a hard-wearing and exceptionally robust material. It can be created in a wide range of spectacular colours, with something to suit every discerning homeowner’s taste.

As the main constituent is siliceous quartz – one of the hardest raw materials on earth – our quartz worktops are highly resistant to stains, abrasion, impact and shock, so can remain in the best condition for years, providing they’re well cared for.

Multiple uses

Quartz, with its stylish and soothing effect, is used not only in the kitchen, of course, but in the bathroom to create a sanctuary of calm and relaxation. It’s even found in high-end bars, where the need for resilience is as important as aesthetics. Depending on the job, there may also be offcuts which can be cut to shape and used as cutting boards or other household items – just ask when we give you a quote.

If you’d like to see how quartz could transform your home, please get in touch with one of our friendly team on 01329 844474 or request a call back.

Quartz worktops care

Though quartz is a tough material, some basic care is needed to ensure its longevity. Spillages should be wiped up straight away and the surfaces should be cleaned with either a specially designed product or hot soapy water – never bleach. Always use a soft cloth and never cut directly on the surface. Avoid using acidic or highly coloured products on the quartz; always put a board or mat down first. To avoid a limescale build-up, dry the areas around the sink.

Surfaces can be sealed upon request and we also offer a quartz worktop cleaning kit, to help you keep yours sparkling clean and looking good.