How heat resistant are granite worktops

I often get asked this question. In reality nothing is completely heat proof, heat it enough and it will react. Granite is no different, after all it was originally formed from super heated magma being pushed up through the earths crust.

What about your kitchen? Well I should say never put anything hot on your granite worktopsand then we are completely covered but that is a bit like saying ‘may contain nuts’ on a packet of peanuts. Granite is very very heat resistant and it it very unlikely to meet the extreme temperatures that would be needed to damage them in the average family kitchen. I have had granite worktops at home for many years and I put pots straight off the hob and trays straight out of the oven on the worktop, and yes I do do the majority of the cooking at home. In the fifteen years I have been in the stone industry

I know of only one instance when a granite worktop was damaged by heat and that was when someone lit a disposable barbecue directly on the worktop and left it on there for a few hours and it cracked the granite. Lets be honesty thought, that was a bit stupid!

So the short answer to the question is don’t worry about putting hot things on your beautiful new and shiny granite worktops.

Robert Shaw

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  1. Gail says:

    I have granite countertops and granite on my island in a new construction. We had a fire in the keeping room / kitchen. We were told that the temperature got to as much as 1200 degrees in the kitchen? Will that hurt the granite and will the granite retain the smoke smell? Thank you. Gail

  2. Robert Shaw says:

    Hi Gail,

    At that temperature there is the possibility of heat fractures. It depends on how the heat was applied. As one part of the granite heats up quicker than another part it will expand slightly quicker which can cause a crack. I would suggest checking the granite very closely and feel to see if there are any cracks. Which granite is it?

    I wouldn’t worry about granite holding onto the smell. It’s a big lump of rock at the end of the day.

  3. Clive says:

    I have had granite worktops for 18 months.I have an induction hob and the granite around the edge of it has started to discolour which has surprised me as I though heat would not discolour it. The granite is always wiped down with hot soapy water after cooking. What could be the cause?

    • Hi Clive,
      Granite will not discolour due to heat from an induction hob! We have fitted hundreds of granite worktops with induction hobs over the years and we have never heard of this problem before. What colour is your granite? Do you have any photos you could email us?

  4. Clive Chopping says:

    Hi Daymon

    Thanks for the reply. It is a cream coloured granite. The hob is flush to the side of the granite with a silicone seal along the edge. It has discoloured and blurred about 1-2 cm all the way round in a line. At the front part of the hob where the granite is narrowest it is a broader discolouration. Also my granite sink surround has discoloured on the edge just above the sink.

    I can take some photos and send them to you. What e-mail address shall I use?

    Kind Regards


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