How to add value to your home by updating your kitchen

Many experts say that if you're planning to sell your home and only have enough money to update one room, you should focus on the kitchen. After all, it is known as the heart of the home, as it's where we cook, socialise and even help the kids do their homework. With this in mind, […] read more →

Five warming recipes for winter

With winter just around the corner, families up and down the country will be gathering in their kitchens to tuck into some hearty meals; shutting out the extreme elements and boosting their immune systems with some good, home-made grub. Don't worry if your culinary skills lack a certain finesse, or if your children tend towards […] read more →

Fitting In Silchester

A few weeks ago, our team of fitters visited Silchester, near Reading to install some new granite worktops. The customer selected Thunder White granite and we think that the colour goes really well in this particular kitchen. Once the fitters arrived they lifted in the granite sections into place and levelled and jointed them together. The […] read more →

Five of the best family kitchens

The kids are running around in a frenzy before school; the parents are frantically getting ready for work while guzzling coffee; the dog is barking at the bird in the garden; the cat is…asleep, as usual. Whatever the scene is like in your kitchen when the whole family is together, you’ll want to make sure […] read more →

Three elements of a family-friendly kitchen

  • September 8, 2014
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The kitchen is indisputably the heart of the home, a place in which not only are hearty meals prepared and eaten, but where homework is done, comfort is dispensed, siblings fight, parents plan, friends are entertained and the in-laws impressed (hopefully). It is, perhaps more than any other in the house, a family room, due […] read more →

Fitting In Guildford

A couple of weeks ago, our team of fitters visited Guildford to install some brand new quartz kitchen worktops. The customer chose the colour Alpine Umber from Sansung. As you can see from the pictures below, the island worktop was finished off with butt jointed end panels each end, which not only adds support to […] read more →

Cheap and healthy after school meal ideas

  • September 1, 2014
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It's an all too-familiar scenario: the kid's come home from school for the day, tired and hungry and you, still knackered from work, have to come up with ideas for meals that aren't too expensive or unhealthy for them. Sometimes you may submit and end up just getting a takeaway, but this isn't always practical […] read more →

Eight small kitchens that prove bigger isn’t always better

When you’re cooking you need things to be close at hand, so compact kitchens are often far more efficient. Despite this, many people become disheartened due to their kitchen being on the smaller side. Sure, it may need a new worktop or a new design to get it the way you desire, but you needn’t […] read more →

Fitting In Waterlooville

Last week, our team of fitters visited Waterlooville to fit some new Lunastone Rossi Luminoso Quartz kitchen worktops. As you can see from the pictures below, the customer had matching quartz on the window sills(which in our opinion looks really good), and by having the white ceramic sink against the red worktops really catches the eye. Here […] read more →

How heat resistant are quartz worktops?

A kitchen worktop has to put up with a lot of punishment; you chop onions on it, spill wine over it and the kid’s sticky fingers are never too far away either. Worktops don’t just have to be good at fighting off bacteria and damage from knife blades though, they also need to be heat […] read more →